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2015: TomTom Bandit Camera

TomTom Spark Sportwatch (2015)

TomTom Cardio Sportwatch (2014)

TomTom Taxi – App (2013)

Second Screen (2012)

TomTom Taxi – TND (2013)

RBMview (2012)

MESConnect (2012)

Sixth Sense (2008)

N-Dashboard (2012)

Frank de Jong, Interactive Designer

Hi there.

I’m Frank de Jong, a 28 year young creative citizen of the world. I have challenged my skills in an international environment: living & designing for companies throughout California and Europe. I covered a range of projects; from being lead UX designer for social media iPad applications, to designing large scale interactive products. My personal satisfaction in all of this comes from providing this experience to users, making them care about the things I create. Don’t be afraid to contact me. I don’t bite!