MESConnect (2012)

Client: Various (Netherlands). My role was to work on UX by balancing the user’s needs with industry standards (ISA-95), do the wireframing turning this application into a native iPad experience, and deliver pixel precise mockups and animations for communication to engineers.



Many production facilities use Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to monitor & control their productions processes. Often a special desktop client is used tapping into the MES, to gain access and overview of units, orders, and jobs. It’s business software as its best: screens in screens, filled with buttons, tabs and more screens. Solution? Give the power back to the employees.



MESConnect is a wireless and user centered solution to make the production process smoother and quicker. Using a bluetooth scanner wirelessly connected to your iPad, you can scan every material, machine, order, or job number to receive direct information on the object. You can then manipulate the process in any way you see fit. This way the process is not bound to a dedicated desktop station in the production facility, and can be executed more versatile and dynamic.