N-Dashboard (2012)

Client: Nspyre (Netherlands). My role was to work on UX design, wireframe and write the design documents, deliver pixel precise graphics, and create device specific experiences for both iPad and iPhone.


N-Dashboard is a mobile application designed for searching, finding and tracking jobs in a business to business market. The company already had a website for doing this, and by making it mobile the goal was to lower the affordance of all the time and effort it takes in looking for jobs.


As only Interaction Designer for the project, my job was to design the application from a user centered perspective, and to make the consuming of information as smoothly as possible. By using a more visual approach, more freedom in how to search and read about new jobs, and more structure in how the information was presented, the application was successfully tested among hundreds of users. The app has been optimized for both iPhone and iPad, and is currently distributed under an enterprise license.


• 2012: BASE Newspaper, Netherlands