RBMview (2012)

Client: HCG Systems (Netherlands). My role was to work on user experience, navigation structuring and visuals for this Web Design project. Challenge was to re-work an already existing system into something that feels brand new with the current infrastructure.


HCG is a company that maintains public buildings and objects, everything from bridges, to government buildings. In order to maintenance those objects, they designed an online portal to request inspection or report damage. The system however was dated and they asked me to redesign the update.


Main focus point for me as UX designer in this project was to understand what makes this web portal work. The most important aspect is that is replaces a lot of manual labour and paperwork, so that became the core of the redesign.

I gave the website more structure, a better integration with current web standards, and designed the reporting and inspection pages in printable format, so that they could be used in documentation and client communication. The web portal is successfully being used, and after the redesign, being sold to contractors in multiple countries.