Second Screen (2012)

Client: Civolution (Netherlands/USA). My role was to work on UX design, prototype and usertest the interaction, deliver pixel precise graphics, and turn this application both into native iOS and Android experiences (animation is created by me as well).



Civolution, marketleader in content recognition and protection (as being used in Shazam & YouTube for example) provides the technology that allows small audio clips to be identified using specific algorithms. A new technological breakthrough is the doing this with video content as well, so that you can identify exactly what people are watching.



The commercial value of the technology is huge allowing companies to measure what video content people are watching on a second precision basis. Challenge for me as only UX designer on the project was to show as many commercially valuable ways of interaction as possible to showcase the value for potential clients.

The final application was designed for the iPad as target platform and been redesigned for Android. It sells the commercial, social and interactive vale of this technology in combination with watching television. This business to business application has been used on exhibits and presentations worldwide and has been distributed to all major tv networks in the US for review.



• 2012: NAB Exhibition, Las Vegas
• 2012: Digital Hollywood, Los Angeles
• 2012: Connected TV Summit, London
• 2012: Smart TV Summit, San Francisco