Sixth Sense (2008)

Client: Six Flags Holland (Themepark, Netherlands). My role was leading the creative process, from first sketches to 3D visualizations. User experience, user interactions and storytelling were most important aspects.


Nowadays theme-parcs are more than a collection of rides. Everything from the queue lines to the waste bins is completely designed to keep you in the experience… but how can you make people’s theme-parc visit more effective without losing the adventurous experience of a theme-park like Six Flags?


This compass uses LED, GPS, compass and WiFi technology, to calculate your position and compare it to other compass users in the park. A normal compass always points north, but this compass always points to the busiest place in the park (red ring) and the calmest place in the park (green ring) based upon the readings of other compasses. This way people can wayfind their way through the park in an adventurous way, and keep being immersed in discovering & experiencing the theme park visit.

This project was done before the smartphone & appstore era started. The use of these technologies was very innovative back in 2008, but since every phone contains a GPS and compass chip nowadays, I redesigned this product into an iPhone application.


• 2008: Cursor Newspaper, Netherlands