TomTom Bandit Camera (2015)

Company: TomTom (London). The TomTom Bandit project was an end-to-end design process taking place over 2 years of fulltime commitment. I was involved as Interaction Designer from the very beginning to the very end: stretching from pitching a new product concept to the management board, all the way to delivering the final specs and assets for the camera device interface, mobile apps, and desktop app.



Problem with using action cameras anno 2015 is that when mounted out of reach, waiting for that perfect moment to happen… most users end up with hours and hours of unused footage that ends up on a memory card in the cupboard. Our goal was to make an excellent camera that shows users all the Highlights of their recordings, and make their video relevant again.



TomTom’s sports division focusses on GPS based sports products, and with the TomTom Bandit we are using GPS (and many other build-in sensors into the camera) to detect interesting moments (crashes, twists/turns, jumps, top speeds, etc.) using a smart algorithm, making it easy for users so share their adventures within minutes of it happening.


Core of the product proposition are the mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop (Windows/Mac) apps that extract Highlights on-the-fly from the recordings on the camera. This way users still have their Original content, but also have a gallery of their best moments that can easily be shared. The mobile app provides various ways to automatically assemble your best Highlight, add some music, overlay some graphics, and share your story online. The product has received many positive responses from retailers and reviewers.



• 2015: TechRadar (US)
Watch out GoPro, TomTom’s action camera is smarter than yours

• 2015: T3 Magazine (UK)
We’re going to stick our neck out here and say that the TomTom Bandit offers the best balance of features and filming quality in today’s market.

• 2015: Pocket-lint (US)
TomTom Bandit: An innovative, user-friendly, action cam

• 2015: (UK)
It’s good. It’s really good. We’d argue it’s one of the best action camera’s currently on the market

• 2015: TechRadar (US)
TomTom has done an impressive job with its first action camera

• 2015: The Verge (US)
TomTom wants you to ‘shake to edit’ videos with its new action camera

• 2015: Wareable (US)
TomTom Bandit could be the ultimate action camera

• 2015: Time Magazine (US)
Bandit has a pair of ingenious features that are sure to keep action sporters on their toes