TomTom Cardio Sportwatch (2014)

Company: TomTom (London). My role as Interaction Designer for the TomTom Cardio Sportwatch stretched from enhancing the structure of the current interface for the sportwatches, to designing the implementation of new features. This also included daily checks with developers all over Europe to make it happen.



TomTom is most known for their GPS based navigation products, but since 2014 I joined the relatively new sports team, dedicated to making GPS based sports products. This products is a 2nd generation sportwatch with build-in heartrate sensor to track your daily runs, and engage you in social fitness.



With just a 144 by 168 pixel monochrome screen, the challenge was to create an optimal experience focussing on long battery life & seeing your performance at a glance. My role in this project is to support the continuous development & improvement of the TomTom Cardio Sportwatch, by designing new features and working out the specifications for development.


With a strong focus on being a sportwatch, every choice (from battery life, to adding functionality) is focussed around being able to operate the watch under extreme conditions, and providing a simplicity that doesn’t distract you from your performance. According to the many positive reviews in printed press, the TomTom Cardio Sportwatch has definitely proved its spot in the wearable product market.



• 2014: GQ Magazine (UK)
Number #6 on the 100 best gadgets in the world