TomTom Spark Sportwatch (2015)

Company: TomTom (London). My role as Interaction Designer for the TomTom Spark Sportwatch was limited to designing the concept for a new offline music feature. Most of the other features are carried over from the previous version of this product (TomTom Cardio Sportwatch) which I worked on.



TomTom is most known for their GPS based navigation products, but since 2014 I joined the relatively new sports team, dedicated to making GPS based sports products. This products is a 3rd generation sportwatch with build-in heart rate sensor, build-in activity & sleep tracking, and offline music support to engage you to improve your fitness.



Building upon the foundation of the successful predecessor (TomTom Cardio Sportwatch), this products was mostly about adding select new features that would improve the user experience. One of those I worked on was supporting offline music via the sportwatch, allowing users to work-out and listen to music without their smartphone.


With a strong focus on being a sportwatch, every choice (from battery life, to adding functionality) is focussed around being able to operate the watch under extreme conditions, and providing a simplicity that doesn’t distract you from your performance. According to the many positive reviews in printed press, the TomTom Spark Sportwatch has definitely proved its spot in the wearable product market.



• 2016: ISPO AWARD 2016 (DE)
Product of the Year: TomTom Spark

• 2016: Wareable (US)
TomTom Spark is heartily recommended 4/5 stars