TomTom Taxi – TND (2013)

Company: TomTom (Netherlands). My role as UX designer for TomTom Taxi stretched from enhance the architecture of the Taxi Navigation Device (TND), to designing new functionalities and work on usability integration for all.



TomTom Taxi is an ecosystem for transportation: connecting the in-car TomTom navigation system for taxi drivers, with people looking for taxi rides from the smartphone application, or with venues using the one-click TomTom Butler. This serviced launched fall 2012, and successfully connects people in search of transportation, with nearby taxi drivers.



My role in this project was to develop and enhance the blueprints of the design that were layed out for both the in-car TomTom navigation, as well as the smartphone application. The Taxi Navigation Device (TND) is the in-car device used by drivers, designed around the concept of providing the quickest and most user friendly way to reach his passenger. The taxi driver can accept rides and instantly receives routing to his customer, he can view passenger details, and is always supported in finding his way through traffic. The device launched September 2012 and is used by thousands of taxi drivers in the countries the service launched.



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